All members are encouraged to attend the business meeting held as a catered luncheon at each annual conference. All members are welcome to participate in governance by running for society office. Each year a nominating committee collects nominations and self-nominations for open offices. Members interested in serving on the publications committee should correspond with an executive committee or current publications committee member.

For SLSA Europe governance, please see the SLSAeu site.

Please see SLSA’s policies for respectful behavior and freedom of speech commitment


Elections for officers and graduate liaisons are held in spring. Current members will be invited via email to vote online. Incoming officers and members-at-large (and periodically members of publications committee) take office at the executive committee meeting of that fall’s annual conference.

Bylaws | History

SLSA Executive Board, 2019-2020

President Marcel O’Gorman University of Waterloo
Executive Director Carol Colatrella Georgia Institute of Technology
First Vice-President David Cecchetto York University
Second Vice-President Maria Whiteman Indiana University
Members-at-Large Raymond Malewitz (2018-2020)
Adriana Knouf (2019-2021) Northeastern University
Adam Nocek (2019-2021)
Graduate Student Liaisons McKenzie Stupiča (to fall 2020) Northwestern University
Tyler Gabbard-Rocha (to spring 2021) Purdue University
Benjamin David Platt (to spring 2021) Oregon State University
Brad Nyeck University of Alberta
Editors of Configurations Melissa Littlefield University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rajani Sudan Southern Methodist University
Configurations Book Review Editors Jeff Karnicky Drake University
Publications Committee Susan Squier Penn State University
Ronald Schleifer University of Oklahoma
Pamela Gossin University of Texas at Dallas
Electronic Resources Coordinator Wayne Miller Duke University
Social Media Liaisons Adriana Knouf Northeastern University
Ed Chang Ohio University
Arts Liaison Dennis Summers
Kiki Benzon
Maria Whiteman

Past Presidents

  • Ron Broglio, Arizona State University
  • Robert Markley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Laura Otis, Emory University
  • Richard Nash, Indiana University
  • Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech
  • Eve Keller, Fordham
  • Jay Labinger, California Institute of Technology
  • T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia Tech
  • Susan Squier, Penn State
  • Sidney Perkowitz, Emory University
  • Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern Univ.
  • James J. Bono, SUNY-Buffalo
  • N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA
  • Mark Greenberg, Drexel University
  • Lance Schachterle, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Stephen J. Weininger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Society Address

580 Cresthill Ave. NE
Atlanta GA 30306-3638