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2012 Spring

Newsletter of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts 			 
Spring 2012, Vol. 21, No.3


Ron Broglio (Arizona State University) has been elected as incoming 2nd
Vice President and Anne Pollock (Georgia Tech) as incoming
member-at-large to serve from fall 2012 through fall 2014. Thanks are
due for their agreeing to serve and to Victoria Alexander and John Hatch
for agreeing to run in the recent election.


The 26th Annual Meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the
Arts (SLSA) Sept 27-30, 2012 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) The Hilton and
the Frontier Airlines Conference Center


From its inception, SLSA has distinguished itself from other humanistic
scholarly societies through its sustained interest in the nonhuman. Not
only does SLSA concern itself with nonhuman actants like tools, bodies,
networks, animals, climate, media, or biomes, but it is also engaged
with such nonhumanistic academic disciplines as mathematics, computing,
and the natural and physical sciences. SLSA 2012 takes up the “nonhuman
turn” that has been emerging in the arts, humanities, and social
sciences over the past few decades and welcomes proposals engaging such
ongoing SLSA interests as: actor-network theory; affect theory; animal
studies; assemblage theory; bioart; brain sciences; feminist
materialisms; neuroscience; new media theory; new materialism;
speculative realism; and systems theory.

Such varied analytical and theoretical formations obviously diverge and
disagree in many of their aims, objects, and methodologies. But they are
all of a piece in taking up aspects of the nonhuman as critical to the
future of literature, science, and the arts. Like all SLSA conferences,
however, SLSA 2012 welcomes a wide range of work. “Nonhuman” has been
chosen to organize parts of the conference and because it is a theme
with which we hope members of SLSA can find productive resonance. 

Presentation proposals will be accepted through the SLSA website
http://www.litsci.org beginning in February, 2012. Individual proposals
consist of a 250-word abstract with title. Pre-organized panels for
consideration can contain an additional summary paragraph along with
proposed session title. 

SLSA MEMBERSHIP: Participants in the 2012 conference must be 2012
members of the Society for Literature Science and the Arts. For more
information about SLSA, please visit the organization website at

PROGRAM CHAIRS: Richard Grusin and Nigel Rothfels (University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Laura Otis (Emory University), and Suzanne Black
(State University of New York at Oneonta). Inquiries can be sent to
Richard (grusin@uwm.edu) or Nigel (rothfels@uwm.edu).

SLSA 2012 has received substantial support from the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies (C21), Office of
Undergraduate Research, Department of Art and Design; and Dean of the
College of Letters and Science.

SLSA 2013 will be sponsored by the University of Notre Dame; Laura
Dassow Walls will organize the meeting.
Travel Awards
SLSA provides a limited number of travel awards for underfunded
individuals attending the annual conference. Members of SLSA who present
at the annual conference may apply for travel subventions. An applicant
should email name, title of SLSA presentation, an indication of how long
one has been a member of SLSA, and any information about funding for the
conference to the Executive Director at carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu
by August 1. Please provide estimated travel expenses and the amount of
support (if any) anticipated from other sources. If you have received
travel support from SLSA in the past, please include information about
that support (when and how much). SLSA officers will review applications
and approve funds for as many as our budget permits; preference will be
given to students and those most in need. Each person awarded funds will
be presented with a check for $200 at the conference business meeting. 

The Bruns Essay Prize
The Bruns Graduate Essay Prize, in honor of Edward F. Bruns, is awarded
annually to the best essay written by a graduate student member of the
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. Graduate students wishing
to have their essays considered for the $500 prize should submit them by
August 1 to N. Katherine Hayles, Department of English, Duke University,
via electronic mail to katherine.hayles@duke.edu. Please send a copy of
your formatted essay as a PDF or Word file, or send a pointer to a URL
where the essay is posted.

The Schachterle Essay Prize
Lance Schachterle, founding president of the society, has established an
annual prize of $250 in honor of his parents to recognize the best new
essay on literature and science written in English by a nontenured
scholar. Eligible authors wishing to submit essays (published or
accepted for publication) should send them prior to August 1 to SLSA's
Executive Director, Carol Colatrella, LCC, Georgia Institute of
Technology via electronic mail to carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu.
Please send a copy of your formatted essay as a PDF or Word file, or
send a pointer to a URL where the essay is posted. 

Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Michelle Kendrick Memorial
Book Prize SLSA holds an annual competition for the Michelle Kendrick
Memorial Book Prize awarded each year to the best academic book on
literature, science, and the arts published by an SLSA member. The prize
will be announced at the annual SLSA conference. Established in the fall
of 2006 in memory of Michelle Kendrick of Washington State
University-Vancouver, an energetic, well-loved scholar of literature and
science and long-time member of SLSA, the Kendrick Prize is open to any
book of original scholarship on literature, science, and the arts
published between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 of the prior year. The winner will
receive $250.00.
To be considered for this year's Kendrick Prize, please send three
copies of your book by June 1 to: Professor Robert Markley, Department
of English, 608 South Wright Street, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
61801 Donations for the Kendrick Prize (checks made out to SLSA, with
Kendrick Prize in memo) can be sent to:
Carol Colatrella, SLSA Executive Director, LCC, Georgia Tech, 686 Cherry
Street, Atlanta, GA 30332-0165
Note: all of the awards described above are presented during the
Business Meeting of the annual fall conference. One may submit only one
entry to one of the two essay prize competitions. 

SLSA Lifetime Achievement Award
The SLSA Executive Committee will each spring appoint a committee to
seek and review nominations for the SLSA Lifetime Achievement award.
Members of this committee will include a former President of SLSA, who
will serve as chair, one currently serving member at large, and one
other SLSA member. The Lifetime Achievement Awards Committee will send
out an announcement asking members to nominate candidates whose
significant, interdisciplinary scholarship is exemplary of SLSA. The
committee members will nominate candidates and should collaborate on
reviewing nominations from the membership to select a recipient of the
award or to decide not to make an award for that year. The Lifetime
Achievement award will be presented at the business meeting of the
annual meeting. 

Society of Literature, Science and the Arts Europe Exhibition Road
Cultural Group Supersonix Conference  Exhibition Road London SW7 21-23
June 2012  

 The Supersonix conference will present new theoretical, scientific and
artistic thinking, works and experiments that explore the complexity of
sound, thinking about sound, and capturing sound.  
A partnership between Exhibition Road Cultural Group and SLSA EU, the
conference is intended for practitioners from the arts, curatorial
studies, the sciences, humanities and social sciences who are interested
in an interdisciplinary approach to the study of sound and

 The conference will take place in the world-renowned research
institutions and museums of Exhibition Road, London's cultural heartland
and a meeting point of arts and sciences.  The first day of the
conference will establish the interdisciplinary approach to the subject
of sound and introduce the five subject streams: Sound & Space; Sound &
Body; Sound & Voice; Sound & Listening; Sound, Noise & History. Parallel
sessions on Friday and Saturday allow for an in-depth engagement with
the latest research.  The conference opens with experiments on hearing,
amplified through the works of David McAlpine (Director of the Ear
Institute at University College London) and artist Jakob Kirkegaard
whose work Labyrinthitis invites reversed hearing and turns your ears
into musical instruments. The day continues with Barry Blesser and
Linda-Ruth Salter, authors of the seminal work Spaces Speak: Are you
Listening?, artist Bernhard Leitner on his sound installations and
neuroscientist Sophie Scott, demonstrating the unique capacities of the
human voice with actor Duncan Wisbey and UK champion beatboxer Patrick

The conference is underpinned by a range of artists’ performances and
interdisciplinary panels on collaborations between the arts, sciences,
technology and design. Special events include live sound performances by
composers and artists Mira Calix, Kaffe Matthews and Jana Winderen. 
Members are welcome to attend the SLSA EU Annual General Meeting,
preceding the conference on Wednesday 20 June, 17:00-18:00 at  Imperial
College, in lecture theatre G16. Following the AGM, on Wednesday evening
the opening lecture will be given by Sha Xin Wei, Research Director of
Topology media lab at Concordia University, Montreal.   Other keynote
speakers include: Sarah Angliss (engineer and scientist), Rebecca Horn
(artist) and musician Hayden Chisholm, Louis Niebur (musicologist),
Jonathan Sterne (media historian) and David Toop (artist, writer and

We offer an early bird conference booking rate. Please visit the
conference website for registration and to book your accommodation. We
highly recommend early booking of accommodation and travel; London is
host city of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and expected to be
very busy from early summer. 


For updates, follow us on twitter…@exhibitionroad  

About Society for Literature, Science and the Arts - EU The European
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSAeu) fosters inter-
and trans-disciplinary exchange between the arts, sciences, medicine and
technology. The Society welcomes practitioners from the arts, including
curatorial studies, sciences, the humanities and social sciences. SLSAeu
has grown out of the US SLSA, which has staged a biennial international
conference since 2000 in major European cities.  

Exhibition Road Cultural Group (ERCG) The Exhibition Road Cultural Group
is made up of 20 national and international cultural and educational
organisations, along with two local councils. Together, the members
comprise the most popular tourism destination in Britain, attracting
more than 24m physical visits, as well as 520m hits on their websites,
annually. ERCG champions the collective view of the area, devises
large-scale collaborative arts and science projects and plays a lead
role in restoring the area’s profile as the world’s most concentrated
and diverse cultural quarter. Supersonix is ERCG’s headline project for
London’s 2012 Olympic year, embracing artist residencies, an
international conference and a free music festival. 

SLSA BIBLIOGRAPHER NEEDED: Bibliographer Sue Hagedorn is looking for new
bibliographer to replace her when she retires in two years. The SLSA
Executive Committee is particularly interested in hearing from members
who might be interested in this position, and especially interested in
those who would like to lead the bibliography into greater integration
with the journal. Contact Sue at hagedors@vt.edu for information and to
express your interest in the position.


To join or to renew membership, please see
http://press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/associations/sls_membership.cgi, or call
Johns Hopkins University Press Journals at 800 548 1784 (US & Canada
only, all others call 410 516 6987). Mon-Fri 8-am-5pm FAX 410 516 6968.
Email: jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu. 


Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Executive Board

President: Richard Nash, Indiana University
Executive Director: Carol Colatrella, Georgia Institute of Technology
First Vice-President: Laura Otis, Emory University
Second Vice-President: Robert Markley, University of Illinois at
Members-at-Large: Melissa Littlefield, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign (2010-2011); Suzanne Black, State University of New
York at Oneonta (2011-2013).
Past Presidents: Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte;
Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech University; Eve Keller, Fordham University; Jay
Labinger, California Institute of Technology; T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia
Tech; Susan Squier, Penn State; Sidney Perkowitz, Emory University;
Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern University; James J. Bono,
SUNY-Buffalo; N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA; Mark Greenberg, Drexel
University; Lance Schachterle, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Stephen
J. Weininger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Configurations Interim Editors: Robert Markley, University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign; Ronald Schleifer, University of Oklahoma
Configurations Book Review Editors: John Bruni, Grand Valley State
University; Jodie Nicotra, University of Idaho; Allison DuShane,
University of Arizona
Publications Committee: 2011-2012--Ron Broglio, University of Arizona;
Rob Mitchell, Duke University; Susan Squier, Penn State University
Bibliographer: Sue Hagedorn, Virginia Tech (hagedors@vt.edu)
Electronic Resources Coordinator: Wayne Miller, Duke University

The Executive Director can be reached by phone at (404) 894-1241 or by
e-mail at carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu.
Carol Colatrella, Executive Director, SLSA, Literature, Communication,
and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, 686 Cherry Street,
Atlanta, GA  30332-0165

SLSA websites: http://www.litsciarts.org and http://slsa.press.jhu.edu


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