2009 Annual Conference: Decodings

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Sep 30, 2009

Session 1Thurs 4:30pm - 6pm
(A) BennettSLSA Creative Writers Read I
Susan Allender-Hagedorn
Robert Martinez. L'Harapientu - El Farrapientu - The Raggedy Man
Susan Allender-Hagedorn; Cheryl Wood Ruggiero. Reading “Caveat Anthem”
Janine DeBaise. River birch: Touching sky
(B) CrescentScience Fact/Fiction I
Chair: Patrick B. Sharp
Luis Arata. From Science Fiction to Science: Kepler‚s Use of Modeling and Simulation in Somnium
Patrick B. Sharp. The "Indispensable Woman": Early Twentieth-Century Representations of Gender, Technology, and Evolution
(C) Whitman BStimulus/Response
Michelle Jamieson
Julian Klein. Brain Study: Installation for interconnected brain players
Astrid Schrader. Reaction, Response, and Responsibility in Experimentation with Toxic Dinoflagellates
Michelle Jamieson. The Ecological Origin of the Immune Response
Lyle Muller. The Logic of the Receptive Field
(D) Woodruff ABefore Germ Theory: Contagion in Early Modern Europe
Lucinda Cole
Sharon Nell DeWitte. Death and Dying in the Middle Ages: The Black Death of 1347-1351
Lucinda Cole. Of Mice and Moisture
Bob Markley. őA Putridness in the Air‚: Bioregionalism, Climate, and Disease „A Putridness in the Airš: Bioregionalism, Climate, and the Etiology of Disease
Session 2Fri 8:30am - 10am
(A) BennettMilitary Code

Jason Ellis. Decoding the Origins of the Tank and „The Land Ironcladsš: Sir Ernest Dunlop Swinton and H. G. Wells
John Freeman. A Secret Communication System of Variable Frequency Carrier Oscillators, Modulators, Detectors, and Rectifiers for Decrypting the Life of H. K. Markey
Nicholas Knouf. Mining the Military-Academic-Industrial Complex in a Poetic-Serious Fashion
(B) CrescentWhat Is at Work in a Work of Digital Literature?
Marjorie C. (M.D. Coverley) Luesebrink
Mark Marino. Critical Code Studies of Queer Technology
John Zuern. Primitive Poetics, Elemental Ethics: Minimal Units of Meaning (and Morals) in Ask Me For the Moon
Stephanie Strickland. Reading Refigured: The Shifting Meaning of Reading in slippingglimpse
Marjorie C. (M.D. Coverley) Luesebrink. The Management of Time and Text
(C) DoggettSpatial Decodings in Theory and Practice
Marcel O'Gorman
Jennifer Doyle. Decoding Eco-Longing in Architectural Design
Emily Freeman. Mirrors, GPS, and a Tautological Scavenger Hunt: A Paranoid Critical Approach to Geo-Caching.
Karina Graf; Marcel O'Gorman. Play For Your Life: Designing a Mobile, Embodied, and Socially Active Digital Game
Bryn Choppick; Devon McDonald. „Waterloo Watchmenš: Decoding Surveillance Space at the Crossroads of Digital Public Art and Critical Theory
(D) MitchellScience Fact/Fiction II
Chair: John Bruni
Clarissa Ai Ling Lee. EroScitopia: or a guide on how to code an alternate universe that will legitimize science as free play and where no ideas are disciplinarily implausib
John Bruni. Popular Science, Evolution, and Global Information Management
Ludo Hellemans. Untitled
(E) Whitman AVirtual Geographies I

Mary Sanders Pollock. Earth Island: An Ecological Trope
Leigh Schwartz. Exploring Our Virtual World
Amy Clary. Accidental Tourists: Invasive Species, Ecotourism, and the Desire for Wilderness
Thomas Parks Fair. Theodicy of the Prairie: Decoding the Frontier of Eliza Farnham‚s Life in Prairie Land
(F) Whitman BContemporary Literary Decodings

Kersti Tarien Powell. The Agents of Decoding: Scientific Instruments in Stoppard and Banville
Jason Embry. Revolution through the Lost Language of Nature in Chuck Palahniuk's Lullaby
Cat Yampell. I’m Rejectin’ My Abjection: The Animal as Respite from the Horrors of Humanity
(G) Woodruff ADecoding Nineteenth-Century Narrative

Mary Rosner. Revising a Victorian Convention: Alan Paton and the Final Journey of David Livingstone
Amanda R. LaRoche. Embracing the Wild: Pearl Prynne‚s Natural Humanity
Atia Sattar. Scientific Naturalism: Zola and Pater‚s Experimental Aestheticism
(H) Woodruff BReading with Animals
Martha Kenney
Allison Athens. Living With Caribou: Real and Figural Time in the Arctic
Martha Kenney. The Ichthyologist and the Rats: An Epistemological Fable
Mary Weaver. White People Saving őBrown‚ Dogs from Brown Men: Reading the Vick Case with Spivak
Session 3Fri 10:30am - noon
(A) BennettDecoding Digital Humanities

Adam Frank. "Some Mad Scientists": An Audiodrama
Stephanie Boluk. Database Aesthetics and
Karen Head. Coding, Decoding, and Recoding: Connecting Traditional Text-based Poetry and Digitally-enhanced Poetry
Helen J Burgess. How to read an electric poem
(B) CrescentMedia Environments and World Games
Colin Milburn
Rob Mitchell
Nancy Anderson
Rob Mitchell. "Media Environments, Media Vitality"
Colin Milburn. "Mondo Digital"
Nancy Anderson. „We All Want to Change the World: John Lennon‚s őRevolution‚ and Buckminster Fuller‚s World Game"
(C) DoggettPerformance: a Method of Decoding / Decoding: a Method of Performance
Katherine Behar
Frenchy Lunning
Jon Cates; Jake Elliot. 0UR080R05 - Noise, Live Coding, Art Hacking and Realtime Audio Video Performance
Katherine Behar. Command and Control: Restrictive Interfaces in Cybernetics and BDSM
Frenchy Lunning. Cosplay, Drag and the Performance of Abjection
(D) MitchellEating, Viewing, and Living in a (De)Coded Environment: How We Come to Depend on Scientific, Technological, and Cultural Practice to Situate Our Lived
Justin Lerberg
Justin Lerberg. Global Warming 2.0: A (Re)Mixed Reality of Science, Popular Culture, Techno Theory, and Consumer Generated Content
Matthew Lerberg. Out of Focus: Confronting the Spectacle of the Other (than Human) in Film
Tracey-Lynn Clough. Science Fiction: Making Sense of the Politics of Agricultural Technologies, the Modern Industrial Diets and the Food of Our Imagination
(E) Whitman ADecoding Gender
Chair: Andrew Logemann
Laura Blankenship; Anne Dalke. Coding for „Possibility Spacesš: Designing and Teaching a New Course in Gender and Technology Decoding Femininity: Miscoded Lily Bart in the Filmic Rendition of The House of Mirth (2000)
Jennifer S. Tuttle. Romancing the Rest Cure: Illness and Assimilation in the Work of Emma Wolf
Andrew Logemann. Scientific Lyricism: H. D., Feminist Epistemologies, and Scientific Praxis
(F) Whitman BBefore Beginning

Catherine Belling. Always About to Begin: The Recursive Structure of Hypochondria
Cynthia Current. Panic!! and the Evil Child: Decoding Determinism in William March's _The Bad Seed_
Ada Smailbegovic. Poetics of Liveliness: Theories of Embryological Development and Gertrude Stein's The Making of Americans
(G) Woodruff AUntimely Animals and Spectral Deaths
Ron Broglio
Richard Nash. Animal Death and Wordsworth's Hart-Leap Well
Ron Broglio. Curious Cases toward an Animal Revolution
Kari Weil. Peeing and Time
(H) Woodruff BBodies, Gender, and Sexuality: A Systems Approach
Chair: Kelly Ball
Megan Friddle. Decoding Gender-Variance in Children
Kristina Gupta. Pharmacological Treatments for Female Sexual Dissatisfaction
Stefanie Speanburg. What's the Matter?: Feminist Re-vision of fMRI Research
Kira Walsh. Developing Children from Multiple Births
Session 4Fri 1:30pm - 3pm
(A) BennettAn Animated Session

Naoto Oshima. The Turing Legacy of Decoding and its Relevance to ThunderCats
Phillip Thurtle. SUPERnaturalisms: The Magical Naturalism of Animated Media
Nancy White. Uncanny Terrain: A Study of the Impact of the Environment on the Origins of Comic Book Superheroes
(B) CrescentBeyond Likeness: Propositional Statements - Displacing/Replacing the Recognized Capacity of Portraits to Represent, Session 1
James McManus
James Housefield. "Starry Messenger: Marcel Duchamp and Popular Astronomy circa 1920"
M.E. Warlick. "Magritte and Alchemy: Elemental Transformations"
Anne Collins Goodyear. „Duchamp‚s Perspectiveš
(C) DoggettEthical Codes

Paul Sukys. Decoding the Apocalypse: Literary Views on the Cloning of Christ
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. Decoding Disability: The Logics of Eugenic Euthanasia
Deboleena Roy. Synthetic Lives: Recombinant DNA, Minimal Genomes and the Parasite Within
(D) MitchellDecoding Discourses Encouraging Social Responsibility in Training, Media, and Public Policy
Rebecca E. Burnett
L. Andrew Cooper. HORROR FILMS AND CONTAMINATION: Decoding Media Representations to Decode Violence
Rebecca E. Burnett. POLITICS AND CONDOMS: Decoding the Gag Rule
Beverly A. Sauer. USING GESTURE: Decoding Technoscientific Discourse in Post-apartheid South Africa
(E) Whitman AFiction, Gaming, Postmodernity

Brandon Jones. Wholeness and the Individual: Reclaiming Order in a Postmodern World
John Johnston. Game-World Fiction: Halting State and Daemon
Cheryl Wood Ruggiero; Susan Allender-Hagedorn. When the Other is Us: Postcolonialism without the Guilt in Joss Whedon's Firefly.
John Sharp. Situating Play in the Past
(F) Whitman BDecoding Narratives of Nanotechnology
Lisa Yaszek
Colin Milburn. "Have NanosuitųWill Travel: Military Nanotechnology, Video Games, and the Crisis of the Digital Battlefieldš
Lisa Yaszek. "Science, Fiction and American Public Policy"
Michael Bennett. "Simulation of Influence"
(G) Woodruff ARules of the Game: Perspectives on Hunting
Chair: Susan McHugh;
Alissa Mazow. Cy Twombly, John Cage, and the Art of Hunting Mushrooms
Nigel Rothfels. Decoding the Rules of the Game
Karen Syse. Stalking the Stag: Hunting for Nostalgia in Scotland
Garry Marvin. ő... and that‚s why the elk is left on the stairs‚: Ritual, Respect and Dignity in Hunting
(H) Woodruff BWhitehead+Cosmopolitics I: novel ecologies of theory i
Steven Meyer
Thomas Lamarre. Cosmopolitics and Biopolitics
Steven Shaviro. The Actual Volcano: Whitehead, Harman, and the Problem of Relations
Jennifer Spiegel. The Bios, Cosmos, and Ec(h)o of Political Praxis
Session 5Fri 3:30pm - 5pm
(A) Bennett

Autopoiesis, Gaia, Climate, and Time

Chair: Bruce Clarke

Bruce Clarke
Bob Markley. 1. Embodied Time, Climatological Time, Sustainability
Bruce Clarke. 2. Autopoiesis and the Planet
Henry Sussman. 3. Response
(B) CrescentBeyond Likeness: Propositional Statements - Displacing/Replacing the Recognized Capacity of Portraits to Represent, Session 2
James McManus
James McManus. „Dr. O‚Doherty‚s ő HeArt Machine‚: A Portrait of Marcel Duchampš
Kate Dempsey. „Seeing Double: Ray Johnson and Marcel Duchampš
(C) DoggettDecoding Social Networks
Patrick Jagoda
Zach Blas. GRID: Viral Contagions in Homosexuality & the Queer Aesthetics of Infection
Casey Alt. VacilLogixķ: When Social Networks Go Sociopathic
Patrick Jagoda. Wired: The Social Networks of David Simon's "Other America"
(D) MitchellPlaying Chicken with Theory Heidegger and Ragtime Joe: Poetics and Autopoietics
Kevin Chua. Haacke‚s Luhmann: Rethinking Shapolsky, et. al.
Susan Squier. Inauguration: auguries of race, property and the law in the image of the black chicken thief
(E) Whitman AVirtual Geographies II

Christopher Miller. „Beginners Play Atari: Human Creativity in the Age of Proceduralityš
Alenda Chang. „Mission Planetš: Games as Virtual Ecologies
(F) Whitman BFrom Encoding through Decoding to Transformation
Elizabeth McCormack
Anne Dalke
Ava Blitz
(G) Woodruff AWhitehead+Cosmopolitics II: novel ecologies of theory ii
Steven Meyer
Sha Xin Wei. Morphogenesis: Whitehead's Concrescence, Alexander's Unfolding, and Serres' Noise
Joan Richardson. Windows 2009 or Notations of the Wild, the Ruinous Waste
(H) Woodruff BAnimal Transgenics: Of Mice and Meat
Susan McHugh
Sherryl Vint. Disembodied Cuisine: Eating Well in The Mad and Oryx and Crake
Susan McHugh. Toward a Literary History of GM Animal Agency
Tora Holmberg. Transgenic Noise and Mouse Silences---Engineered Animals in an Age of Biological Control
Session 6Sat 8:45am - 10:15am
(A) BennettDecodings in Postmodern Fiction
Michaela Giesenkirchen
Michaela Giesenkirchen. "Code and Romantic Organism in Calvino‚s Anatomy of Reading"
Mary Newell. "Decoding Identity in Decomposing Environments in Don DeLillo‚s White Noise and Margaret Atwood‚s Oryx and Crake"
Doug Davis. "The Aesthetics of Globalization: Decoding Transnational Digital Art in William Gibson‚s Pattern Recognition and Spook Country"
(B) CrescentVisual Decodings I

Drew Ayers. Humans Without Bodies: DNA Portraiture and Biocybernetic Reproduction
Maria Aline Ferreira. „Decoding Genetic Portraitsš
Isabel Wunsche. Exploring the Properties of Crystals: Otto Lehmann and Mikhail Matiushin
Christina Nguyen Hung. Art In Vitro: microphotographic figures and landscapes
(C) DoggettDecoding Detection

Melissa Littlefield. Decoding the CSI: Effect: The Legacy of Scientific Detective Fiction 1909-1923
Kerstin Bergman. Girls Just Wanna be Smart? The Function of Female Scientists in Contemporary Crime Fiction
Kate Roach. Decoding the Detectives
(D) MitchellDecoding Animism
Chair: Helena Feder
Elizabeth Swanstrom. Animal, Vegetable, Digital: Decoding the Human in Digital Art
Karalyn Kendall-Morwick. „Thoroughbred in Body and Soulš: Albert Payson Terhune‚s „Ladš Stories and Modern Dog Fancy
Robyn Braun. WE3: Decoding State Power
(E) Whitman ADecoding the Noosphere: Experiments in Collective Intelligence
Richard Doyle
Frederick Dolan. Emergent Pan Psychism: The Really Hard Problem
Philip Kuberski. Bateson on Distributed Mind
Richard Doyle. Declarations of the Noosphere: Towards an Involutionary Speech Act
Andrew Pilsch. He Called It „Utopiaš: Jameson‚s Social and Vedic Transhumanism?
(F) Whitman BJean Crotti's Portrait sur mésure de Marcel Duchamp:

History, Originality, and the use of Technologies of Reproduction for the Creation
James McManus
Anne Collins Goodyear
(G) Woodruff AWhitehead+Cosmopolitics III: novel ecologies of practice i
Steven Meyer
Lina Dib. Cosmopolitics and the Recoding of Memory Machines
Andrew Goffey. Existential Catalysers: Cosmopolitics and Axiological Creationism
James J. Bono. Multiplicity, Atomicity, Experience: Whitehead's Buzzing World, Stengers's Space of Hesitation, and the Universalizing Word's Seductive Theology
(H) Woodruff BTRANimalS: Understanding the Trans- in Zoontology
Lindsay Kelley
Eva Hayward
Prema Prabhakar. “Do Not Rest in Peace”: The Obsessional Mediumship of Diamanda Gala 
Katie King. My Distributed Animality
Mel Chen. The Animacy of Toxins
Natalie Hansen. Trans-Species Embodiment: Becoming Human with Horses
Session 7Sat 10:45am - 12:15pm
(A) BennettRoundtable: Does Art Produce Knowledge? Can Science Produce Art?
Laura Otis
John Johnston.
Robert N. McCauley.
Steven J. Oscherwitz.
Laura Otis.
Sidney Perkowitz.
(B) CrescentDecoding Use: Broken and Failed, Localized and Expansive
Kimberly Lacey
Samuel Tobin. Breaking the Code of a Broken Screen
Kelsey Squire. De/Coding Cultural Memory in Mark Twain and Willa Cather
Kimberly Lacey. Decoding Kryptos and the Failure of Human/Machine Interaction
Jared Grogan. Garbage, Gospel, and Gold: Decoding User Inputs in Climate Modeling
(C) DoggettOccultism and Science in 20th-Century Art
Linda Dalrymple Henderson
Ashley Schmiedekamp Busby. Astral Magicians: Surrealism, Astronomy, and the Occult in the 1930s and 1940s
Arielle Saiber. The Architecture of the Afterlife: Paul Laffoley's The Divine Comedy Triptych
Linda Dalrymple Henderson. 'Four-Dimensional Vistas': Claude Bragdon's Synthesis of Theosophy, Ether Physics, and the Fourth Dimension in the 1910s
(D) MitchellText

Benjamin Robertson. The Illegible and the Interface
Rebecca Perry. Decoding Process: Science and The Editable Self
Mark Wolff. Decoding the Oulipian Text: A Question of Access
(E) Whitman AMathematics and Literature

Paul Halpern; Michael C. LaBossiere. Beyond the Wall of Perception
Michael Harris. An automorphic reading of Pynchon's Against the Day
Greg Kinzer. Possible Worlds: Trans-world Travel, Haecceity, and Grief in Jacques Roubaud's The Plurality of Worlds of Lewis
(F) Whitman BExpression and Scientific Texts

Suzanne Black. Giant Molecules Through the Decades: A Content Analysis of Figures in Biochemistry Textbooks
Scott Enderle. Expression, Idea, Encoding: Copyright and Metamathematics
(G) Woodruff AWhitehead+Cosmopolitics IV: novel ecologies of practice ii
Steven Meyer
Steven Meyer. Animals Like Us: Adding Stengers and Whitehead to the Jamesian Mix
T. Hugh Crawford. Thinking with Trees: Idiots, Assemblages, and Cosmopolitics
(H) Woodruff BThe Limits of Code: Life, Body, and Image
Ellen Esrock
Rob Mitchell
W.J.T. Mitchell
Rob Mitchell. Coding Life & Vital Codes
Ellen Esrock. Coding the Body of Reader and Viewer
W.J.T. Mitchell. Image and Code
Session 8Sat 1:45pm - 3:15pm
(A) Bennett"Twittered Subjects" (Chair: Mark B. N. Hansen)
Mark Hansen
Casey Alt. Response: Sociopathic Subjects?
Bill Seaman. The Body as Electrochemical Computer
Tim Lenoir. Twittered Datastreams: The subject function in ubiquitous computing networksš
Mark Hansen. „When is the Subject?: Micro-temporal networks and asubjective fluxesš
(B) CrescentNeurocriticism

Mark Pizzato. Decoding Cathartic Effects in the Brain
Steven J. Oscherwitz. Decoding an Artists Intent
Kimberly Knight. Decoding the Viral: A Matrix for Evaluating Viral Video
Eva Stuhal. Painting as „Esperienzaš: Art and the New Science in Seventeenth-Century Florence
(C) DoggettThoreau's House: a Nineteenth Century Building Project
Hugh Crawford
(D) MitchellDecoding Technologies of Mediation

Robert Rosenberger. Experiencing Television Otherwise: Technological Mediation and the Ethics of the TV Set
Katherine Hayles. Telegraphy and the Place of the Human: The Co-Evolution of Code Books and Human-Machine Cognition
sam smiley. Can You Hear Me Now? A commemoration of the Transatlantic Cable of 1858
(E) Whitman AScholars and Performer's Round Table: The Uses of Richard Schechner's "Magnitudes of Performance"
Susan Squier
Jameson Bell. "A Universal or Situated Brain? Engaging the Performance of a Cerebral Event"
Charlotte Eubanks. "Deep Acting: Buddhist Rituals of Sutra Reading and the Neurological Magnitude of Performance"
Luis Arata. "Model Performance"
(F) Whitman BMarket Theory, Financial Engineering, and the 2008 Collapse of the American Economy
Jim Swan
Jim Swan. Equilibrium, Model, and Shock: American Economics and the Crash of 2008
Sean Miller. Random Walks and Lévy Flights: The Black-Scholes-Merton Model of Options Pricing as an Epistemic Imaginary
(G) Woodruff AAnimal Subjects

Jeff Karnicky. Who‚s Hailing Whom? Individuals, Populations, and Multispecies Relationships
Marcel O'Gorman. Animals, Evocative Objects, and other "Things": On Posthumanism and Applied Media Theory
Sarah E. McFarland. Decoding a Radical Animal Subjectivity
(H) Woodruff BMath in Theory I

Aden Evens
Arielle Saiber. Math and the Alphabet: Renaissance Theories on the Geometry of Language’s Building Blocks
Sha Xin Wei. Morphogenesis : The principle of least action (Leibniz, Whitehead, Alexander)
Shankar Raman. Shakespeare's Merchant and the Algebra of Law
Session 9Sat 3:30pm - 5pm
(A) BennettArtmaking as an Imaginary Solution: Alfred Jarry as an Intellectual Source for Twentieth Century Art
Chair: Peter Mowris
Fae Brauer. Jarry and Picasso: The Pataphysics of the Cubist Pasted Papers
Michael R. Taylor. Pataphysics in Philadelphia: The Strange Case of James E. Brewton
Peter Mowris. How to Make Water: Playful Science in the Collaborative Artmaking of Max Ernst and Hans Arp, c. 1920
(B) CrescentEncrypted

Spencer Schaffner. Unintelligible Writing at the Edge of Meaning
Kinga Araya. Decoding Impossible
Michael Hancock. „Your Body in Big Letters: Textually Decoding Body Spaceš
Ted Kafala. Decoding the Digital Arts: Loops and Series in the Narrative and Performance of Computer Media
(C) DoggettDecodings from the Wasatch Front
Michaela Giesenkirchen
Michaela Giesenkirchen; Nancy Rushforth. „Decoding Mormonism: the Science Fiction of Plan 10 from Outer Spaceš
Torben Bernhard; Travis Low. „Sonosopher: The Physics and Metaphysics of Soundš
(D) MitchellMath in Theory II
Aden Evens
Peggy Reynolds. Boundary Disruptions: Agency in a Fractal World
Arkady Plotnitsky. Categorical Imperatives, from Grothendieck to Badiou: Topos Theory, Politics, and Ethics
Brian Rotman. Mathematics and Gesture
(E) Whitman ACoding Originality

Grant Maxwell. „Heavy on the Borderlineš: Decoding Bob Dylan through the Evolution of World Views
Lindsey Joyce. Rhythm Scientist or Musical Thief: an Analytical Interview which Questions the Plagiarism of Sound and the Agency of Influence in DJ Culture
(F) Whitman BVisual Decodings II

Anat Pollack. Quantum Populi
Patrick LeMieux. Lossy Subjectivity: Self-destructing Codeworks after René Magritte
Andréia Oliveira. Simondon‚s Contributions to Digital Art: The Potential of the Associative Milieu between Dissimilar Technologies
(G) Woodruff ASymbiogenesis and Evolutionary Code

Victoria N. Alexander. The Problem of Authorship and Evolution by Natural Selection
Carlos Castellanos; Diane Gromala. The Symbiogenic Art Experience: A Phenomenological and Aesthetic Approach to the Question of Human-Machine Co-evolution Creative Becoming and the New Ecological Age
(H) Woodruff BDecoding Cognitive Process

Elizabeth Freudenthal. Neurodiversity Activism and Non-Representational Language
Elizabeth Donaldson. Of Mice and Mental Illness: The Schizophrenic Mouse
Alexandra Kleeman. Whole Persons and Organic Holes: Encoding Personhood in Aphasic Autobiographies
ELYMAN@FAS.HARVARD.EDU. Title forthcoming
Session 10Sun 8:45am - 10:15am
(A) BennettSLSA Creative Writers Read II
Susan Allender-Hagedorn
Blake Leland. Ice Wagon
Kevin O'Sullivan. Radiant in Lyra
Wayne Miller. Reading from The Bog Monster of Booker Creek, with a word about being a Creative Commons author
(B) CrescentStormy Weather: The Material in Contemporary Humanities

Atsuro Misoe. Singin‚ in the Rain: Meteorology during the Age of Nuclear Deterrence
Melissa Warak. „Decoding Die Reihe: Karlheinz Stockhausen, Metaphysics, and the Spatialization of Soundš
Cara Ogburn. Decodexings: Mortality, Materiality and Electronic Literature
(C) DoggettContemporary Narratives

Jonathan Goodwin. Economic States of Being in David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE
Srikanth Mallavarapu. Storytelling and the Decoding of Modernity in Rana Dasgupta‚s Tokyo Cancelled
Trever Holland. Hybrid Cats and Dutch Grandfathers: The Myth of Scientific Truth in Linda Hogan's Power
(D) Whitman ADecoding Technologies

Jenell Johnson. The Rhetorical Work of Literary Epigraphs in Popular Neuroscience
KEVIN LAGRANDEUR. Cybernetics and Servitude: Decoding the Artificial Slave
Hannah Abelbeck. Lasers as Home Defense
(E) Whitman BGreg Bear

Ho-Rim Song. Distributed Subject and Nanovision: Assembled Individual Subject in Superorganism in Blood Music
Olivia Banner. The Flexible Genome in Epigenetics and Greg Bear's Darwin Novels Evolution as biopolitics: Ethics of control and change in Greg Bear‚s science fiction
(F) Woodruff AAnimal Representations
Analia Villagra
Sharon Wilcox Adams.
Aaron Shackelford.
Casey Riffel. Of Foxes and Insects: Vladislav Starevich, Animation, and the Problem of Animal Articulation
Analia Villagra. Zombie sheep and biofears
Session 11Sun 10:45am - 12:15pm
(A) BennettNature/Cultures

Tamara Popowski. Code-duality: Mending the broken bridge between Nature and Culture?
Till Andreas Heilmann. Digital Decoding and the Techno-Logic of Representation
Adam Nocek. The Networked Gene: Transcendental Empiricism as Biophilosophy
(B) CrescentNineteenth-Century American Literature and Science

Kristen Case. Decoding Thoreau‚s „Kalendarš: Reading Between Science and Literature
Anton Borst. 'Corroborating a Rugged Phrenology': Walt Whitman and a Science of Self
Sam Schwartz. Deciphering "Invention": Encoding and Decoding the Techno-Aesthetic in Melville and Twain
(C) DoggettEarly Modern Literature and Science

William Silverman. "And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out": Decoding Epistemological Concerns in Paradise Lost
Kevin Carr. "What strange delusion's this?": Decoding the Effects of Early Modern Stage Technology.
(D) Whitman AMedical Code

Susan Allender-Hagedorn. Virtual Medicine: Lessons from the Future
Dolores Steinman; David Steinman. Medical Imaging in the 21st Century: Encoding Reality, Decoding the Unseen
Jennifer Ellis West. "Viewer Discretion Advised": Decoding the „Realityš of Hospital Birth on the Discovery Health Network
(E) Whitman BScience in Victorian Culture

Catherine Day. Material Fact and Imaginative Experiment in Charles Lyell‚s Principles of Geology
Amanda Mordavsky Caleb. „The New Hedonism:š Grant Allen and the Construction of a Decadent Science
David Smith. Uncanny (In)Securities: The Great Lock Controversy of 1851
(F) Woodruff AEncrypted Thinking

Sean Simpson. A "Diagrammatic" Encoding/Decoding of Exemplary Pictorial Thinking: The Imperial Making and Unmaking of the World at Tikal, Guatemala.
Lori Emerson. "A Case for Dirty Hands": From Artist Books and/as Creative Code
Willemijn, van der Linden. őTheoretical Madhouse‚: Representations of cosmological knowledge in The discovery of heaven (1992) by Harry Mulisch