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Day One: Thursday, 1 November, 2007

Session 01 | Thursday, 1 November | 4pm � 5.30


01.a What's in a Name?

Chair: William S. Lynn

Speaker: William S. Lynn, "Coding Wolves"

Speaker: Marion W. Copeland, "Animal Fantasies and Animal Autobiographies or Blatant Anthropomorphism? Naturalist Novels or Nature Fakers? Sentimental or Subversive?"

Speaker: Lisa G. Brown, "The Speaking Animal: Graphic Novels and the Voices of Nonhumans"

01.b Roundtable: Code Video: Image as Text

Chair: Sam Smiley

Speaker: Bebe Beard

Speaker: Danielle Georges

Speaker: Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo

01.c Coding the Brain as Cultural Organ Through Art, Diagram, and Memoir

Chair: Melissa Littlefield

Speaker: Melissa Littlefield, "'Here still be dragons': Coding Neuroscience as Ancient Cartography"

Speaker: Spencer Schaffner, "Cracking the Code of Brain Diagrams"

01.d Literature of Matter; Literature That Matters

Chair: Angela Campbell

Speaker: Varghese Mathai, "The Paradox of the Power of the Micro"

Speaker: Angela Campbell, "Georgiana Molloy and the Code of Modernity"

01.e (Word) Art and the Natural

Chair: Christopher Todd Anderson

Speaker: H�kan Sandgren, "The Code of Nature in Modern Swedish Poetry"

Speaker: Christopher Todd Anderson, "'To Woo the Fearful Small': From Invertebrates to Microbes in Contemporary American Poetry"

Speaker: Mara Adamitz Scrupe, "Survival Principle: the Art of Nurturing Nature"

01.f Cyborg Monsters, Literary Hoaxes, and the MiB: from the Saucerian Archives of Gray Barker

Chair: Sandy Baldwin

Speaker: Sandy Baldwin, "The Great Hoax: Gray Barker's saucerian writings and the limit of techno-scientific discourse"

Speaker: Nick Perich, "They Knew Too Much: The Men in Black and the Ends of Knowledge"

Speaker: Nick Hales, "How to Make a Myth: The Flatwoods Monster as Cyborg"

Speaker: Alan Sondheim, "Gray's Anatomy: How to make a flying saucer" » audio recording of talk re: saucer presentation

Respondent: Rich Doyle

01.g Codes, Mediality and the Deleuzean Differential

Chair: Vera B�hlmann

Speaker: Vera B�hlmann, "inhabiting media"

Speaker: Klaus Wassermann, "The Dimensions of Meta=reading Gertrude Stein with Gilles Deleuze"

01.h Elements of Poetry

Chair: Ellen Moll

Speaker: Katherine Bash, "Perceptual Poetry: The Case of Janus Shade"

Speaker: Douglas Basford, "'It won't be easy and can't be a pleasure': Aaron Kunin's Binary Hand-Alphabet Translations of Pound and Maeterlinck"

Speaker: Ellen Moll, "Mathematics and Metaphor in the Poetry of Sherman Alexie"

Speaker: Annie Finch, "The Metrical Code: Poetry's Wordless Language"


Session 02 | Thursday, 1 November | 5.45 � 7.15


02.a Literature and/as New Media

Chair: Pawel Frelik

Speaker: Edmond Chang, "'How ya doin', mon?': Coding and Coded Race in World of Warcraft"

Speaker: Paul Youngman, "Pulling History or Pushing an Agenda? Twentieth-Century German History and the World Wide Web in Erich Loest's Reichsgericht (Supreme Court)" » Conference paper
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Speaker: Kimberly De Vries, "Coding Reality: From the Spells of Neil Gaiman to the Programs of Second Life"

02.c Just the Same Old Song: Technology, Communication, and Gender

Chair: Ann McClellan

Speaker: Evelyn Stiller, "Breaking the Code: Are Women's Voices Heard Online?"

Speaker: Cathie LeBlanc, "Coding Women: Female Avatars in Online Communities"

Speaker: Ann McClellan, "Of Mouse and (Wo)Man?: Decoding the Masculine and Encoding the Feminine in Hypertext Theory"

02.d Global Warming, Hurricane Katrina, and Aerial Navigation: Excursions in Green Science Studies

Chair: Robert Markley

Speaker: Sidney Perkowitz, "Temperature Sensors: Cultural Indicators of Global Warming on Screen"

Speaker: Robert Markley, "Climate Change, Techno-Fixes, and Systems Theory"

Speaker: Bart H. Welling, "Coding the Storm: Hurricane Katrina and the Rise of Twenty-First Century Hurricane Discourse"

Speaker: Denice Turner, "Remapping the Earth: Aerial Codes and Human Perception of the Physical World"

02.e Automata and Enchantment in Early Modern English Literature

Chair: Wendy Hyman & Justin Kolb

Speaker: Justin Kolb, "'What fine chisel could ever yet cut breath?': The Technology of Character in The Winter's Tale" » Conference paper
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Speaker: Erin Labbie, "Historical Materialism and Automata in Volpone"

Speaker: Wendy Hyman, ""Mathematical experiments of long silver pipes': The Renaissance Trope of the Mechanical Bird"

02.f On the Animated and the Automated: Genealogies of Life, Media, and Duration

Chair: Orit Halpern

Co-Chair: Rob Mitchell

Speaker: Orit Halpern, "'On the Malevolent Vitality of Inanimate Objects': Temporality, Abstraction, and Difference in Art, Anthropology, and Cybernetics"

Speaker: Robert Mitchell, "Vitality, Digitality, and the 'Newness' of Media"

Speaker: Inga Pollmann, "Abstract Life: Hans Richter"

Speaker: Phillip Thurtle, "Biology Beyond the Fold: The temporal Virtuosity of the Animated Gene"

02.h Rhetoric of Science

Chair: Sean Miller

Speaker: Travis Williams, "Mathematical Tales: The Failure of Narrative in Early Modern Arithmetic"

Speaker: Sean Miller, "Substantiating Strings: String Theory Popularizations and the Domestication of the Planck Scale"

02.i Recoding the Posthuman: Genetics, Language, and Animal Rights

Chair: John Bruni

Speaker: Jon Paulson, "Cryptids, Cyborgs and the Malleability of Being"

Speaker: Karalyn Kendall, "Dogs and Masters: Beckett, Levinas, and Posthumanist Ethics"

Speaker: John Bruni, "Posthuman Languages and Animal Rights in Jack London's Dog Novels" » Conference paper
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Opening Reception | 9pm � 10.30

Day Two: Friday, 2 November, 2007


Session 03 | Friday, 2 November | 8.30 � 10am


03.a Non-Human Animals and Racial Formation in the United States

Chair: Brett Mizelle

Speaker: Brett Mizelle, "Racial Codes in Representations of Non-Human Primates: Animals, Slavery and Racial Formation in Post-Revolutionary America"

Speaker: Christopher Geissler, "'From the loins of a horse': Breeding Between the Lines of American Nationhood, 1805-1833"

Speaker: Rebecca Onion, "Re-articulating the Native, Claiming the Human: Man-Dog Relationships in the New American North"

Speaker: Karla Armbruster, "Re-Coding Race through the Discourse of Animality in Toni Morrison's Novels"

03.b ENCODING THE LANDSCAPE: The SUBONE Urban Murals Project

Chair: Jan Piribeck

Speaker: Jan Piribeck » Online materials available
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Speaker: Tim Clorius

Speaker: Chris Thompson

03.c Cartographies Without Organs

Chair and Respondent: Sandy Baldwin

Speaker: Thomas Zummer, "Interstitial Cartographies"

Speaker: Patrick Lichty, "SL Performance Art as Technosomatic: Performing the Virtual Viscera"

Speaker: Alan Sondheim, "This Real Here Performance Trip" » recording of talk on avatars
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03.d Cyberconformity, Cyberperversity

Chair: Michael G. Bennett

Speaker: Benjamin J. Robertson, "Second Nature and/in the Networked Society or, Cultural Production's Limiting Present"

Speaker: Michael G. Bennett, "Codes Legal, Cyberspatial and Molecular in an Age of Technoscientific Adolescence"

03.e 20th C. Literary Codes

Chair: Kerstin Bergman

Speaker: Randy Laist, "Enter the Code: Cybernetic Aspirationism in Don DeLillo's White Noise"

Speaker: Kerstin Bergman, "Codes and Deciphering in Crime Fiction: The Dan Brown Examples"

Speaker: Luis F. Garcia, "Coding and Decoding Scientific Knowledge as a Discursive Tool of Magic Realism in One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garc�a M�rquez"

03.f Inscribed Bodies

Chair: Cynthia Current

Speaker: Cara Ogburn, "Material Embodiment: Shelley Jackson's 'Skin' Project and the Body as Page"

Speaker: Cynthia Current, "'Liminal Lives': Fingerprints, Genomics, and the Disruption of Identity in Mark Twain and Octavia Butler"

03.g Poetry by Other Means

Chair: Arndt Niebisch

Speaker: Braxton Soderman and Daniel Howe, "The Aesthetics of Generative Literature: Lessons from an Electronic Writing Workshop"

Speaker: Claudia Schlee-Giardina, "Poetry as Compass: Chaos, Complexity and the Creative Voice"

Speaker: Arndt Niebisch, "Cryptopoetics. Writing as Noise"

03.h Text and Image: Decoding a Galaxy of Signifiers

Chair: Frenchy Lunning

Speaker: Michael Filas, "Coding the Posthuman: Stelarc Versus Warwick"

Speaker: Frenchy Lunning, "Japanese Manga and the Codes of Transnational Desire"

Speaker: Despina Kakoudaki, "Objects and the Internet"

Speaker: Shari Jill Clark, "Welcome to the Machine: Lang's Linguistic Coding in Metropolis"


Session 04 | Friday, 2 November | 10.30 � 12 noon


04.a Animal Noises

Chair: Lucinda Cole

Speaker: Una Chaudhuri, "Becoming Bird: Code Conversion as Interspecies Performance in two recent 'Avianworks.'"

Speaker: David Rothenberg, "Cracking the Code of Humpback Whale Song by Trying to Join In"

Speaker: Lucinda Cole, "Renaissance Physiognomy and Animal Speech"

04.b Decoding the Occult: Alchemy, Art, and Science

Chair: Mark Morrisson

Speaker: M. E. Warlick, "Decoding Alchemical Diagrams"

Speaker: James W. McManus, "Marcel Duchamp = Shadows and Veils: not seen and/or less seen, constructing the androgyne"

Speaker: Peter Mowris, "Mystical Formalism: Occult Theories of Visualization in the Work of Henri Focillon"

Speaker: Mark Morrisson, "Spiritual Alchemy and Nineteenth-Century Sciences of the Mind"

04.c Communication Through Images

Chair: Sarah Lowe

Speaker: Sarah Lowe, "The Visual Language of Technology"

Speaker: Jaime Snyder, "Drawing conclusions: Bridging communication gaps with visualizations"

4.d Knowing the Body

Chair: Jennifer Burris

Speaker: Maaike Bleeker, "Living the code, moving along: dys-embodiment and corporeal literacy "

Speaker: Ronald Schleifer, "Intangible Materialism: The Semiotics of Pain"

Speaker: Jennifer Burris, "Decoding the Subject: Parallels in Psychopharmacogenomics and Contemporary Visual Art"

04.e Code as Media III: machinima, virtual worlds + commons aesthetics

Chair: Beth Coleman

Speaker: Amber Frid-Jimenez, "OpenStudio and other commons-based Web Art"

Speaker: Beth Coleman, "Virtual World Primer: design and use 1.0"

Speaker: Henry Lowood, "Code vs. Object, Replay vs. Capture, Demo vs. Video: Modes and Cultures of Production in Machinima"

04.f Decoding Richard Powers? I

Chair: Jay Labinger

Speaker: Hugh Crawford, "DIY AI: the Ontology of Sentience, the Concrescence of Sapience"

Speaker: Steven Meyer, "'A Total Cipher': Toward an Algebraic Model of Science Studies"

Speaker: Joan Richardson, "Resounding Invisibility"

04.g Art and DNA

Chair: Jessica Luck

Speaker: Jessica Luck, "Writing in Code: The Embodied Autopoietics of Ammons's Long Poems" » Conference paper
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Speaker: Geoffrey Hlibchuk, "The Poetics of Junk: On the Noncoding Function of Language in Contemporary Poetry"


04.h What is an operative image?

Convener: Gregory Bringman

Chair: Christopher Burnett

Speaker: Christopher Burnett, "Pictorial Automata and the Operative Image: implications for visual studies"

Speaker: Gregory Bringman, "The Unconscious Semantics of Letterforms: Language Sign Transformation and its Operative Artifacts" » Longer Version-Edited
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Speaker: Henry S. Turner, "Naming, Acting, Doing: Toward a Dramatology of the Operative Image"

Speaker: Kevin LaGrandeur, "Networks, Function, and Form in Aristotle's Justification of Slavery"

04.i Theories of Mind

Chair: Hans-Jakob Wilhelm

Speaker: Arkady Plotnitsky, "Reencodings: Neurobiology, Lingustics, and the Translational Concept of Information"

Speaker: Hans-Jakob Wilhelm, "Perceptual Content and Philosophy of Mind"

Speaker: Marcel O'Gorman, "Code Resistance: Physical Computing and the Return of Meat"


Session 05 | Friday, 2 November | 1.30 � 3pm


05.a Cross-Breeding Freaks

Chair: Stephanie S. Turner

Speaker: Maria Aline Seabra Ferreira, "Codes and Genomes: (Re)Editing Humanity?"

Speaker: Stephanie S. Turner, "Code-breaking Cryptids"

Speaker: Eva Hayward, "Prefixial Flesh and other Metaplasms"

05.b Algorithmic Arts

Chair: Brian Evans

Speaker: Anat Pollack, "Transgressing the Machine "

Speaker: Dale Syphers, "Coding Works of Art as Dynamic Quantum Mechanical Systems"

Speaker: Brian Evans, "Mapping Data: Coding Signals: Making Metaphors, (a statement of a digital artist)" » artist website
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05.c Images of the World

Chair: Thomas Cornell

Speaker: Amy Clary, "Wild Images: Simulation and Scopophilia on the 'Last Frontier'"

Speaker: Scot Wittman, "Maps as Art and Science"

Speaker: Thomas Cornell, "Designing the New World Picture"

05.d Early Modern Blood

Chair: Eve Keller

Speaker: Alvin Snider, "Blood, Bloodlines, and National Identity"

Speaker: Eve Keller, "'That Sublimest Juyce in our Body': Blood and Blood-Letting in Late Seventeenth-Century England"

Speaker: Richard Nash, "Why does the Blood-Horse Bleed?"

05.e Poetics of Code

Chair: Zabet Patterson

Speaker: John Cayley, "poetics = code ? ((who ? writes : what) & (who ? reads : what)) : ((writes ? who : what) & (reads ? who : what));" » 46Mb mpeg4 illustrated recording of the presentation
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Speaker: Mark Wolff, "Remedial Computation: The Oulipo and the Materiality of Code"

Speaker: Zabet Patterson, "Code and the 'Linguistic Turn' in Art"

05.f Multimedia Scholarship: Theory and Practice

Convener: Helen J. Burgess

Chair: Jeanne Hamming

Speaker: Jeanne Hamming, "A Manifesto for Cyborg Scholars; Or, the Institutional Emergence of Multimedia Scholarship"

Speaker: Helen J. Burgess, "Steal This Multimedia: Information Ownership and the Anxiety of Genre" » File available
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Speaker: Timothy J. Menzies, "Multi-implications of multi-dimensional authoring: or, everything you wanted to know about geek herding, but were afraid to ask" » Online materials available
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05.g Decoding Richard Powers? II

Chair: Jay Labinger

Speaker: Amy Charles, "Richard Powers and the Scientists' Code"

Speaker: Joe Duemer, "Programming Introduction to Literature"

Speaker: Jay Labinger, "'What could be simpler?' The complicated question of simplicity in science"

05.h Scifi +

Chair: Gundela Hachmann

Speaker: Sue Hagedorn and Cheryl Ruggiero, "Slavery and Sexuality in Butler and LeGuin"

Speaker: Gundela Hachmann, "Quantum Mechanics of Memory: The Uncertainty Principle in Helmut Krausser's UC"

Speaker: Pawel Frelik, "Heirs of carbon=encoded humans in contemporary science fiction"

05.i (De)coding

Chair: David Hogsette

Speaker: Matthew Holtmeier, "Code, Schizophrenia, and Tetralinguistics: Exposing the Minor Literature of Titus"

Speaker: David Hogsette, "Decoding Transhumanism: Human Revaluation in Neuromancer and The Diamond Age"

Speaker: Anna Botta, "Decoding Complexity"


Session 06 | Friday, 2 November | 3.30 � 5pm


06.a Designing Animals

Chair: Carol Gigliotti

Speaker: Abigail Mann, "Dog's Code/God's Code?: Designer Dogs as a Cultural Symbol"

Speaker: Carol Gigliotti, "Code t Informatics t Animals"

Speaker: Susan Nance, "A Star is Born to Buck: The Codes and Commerce of North American Rodeo Bull Breeding Technologies, 1990-2007" » Online materials available
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06.b Art and Affect

Chair: Tara Rodgers

Speaker: Tara Rodgers, "'The "Now" for the First and Last Time': The Convergence of Cybernetics, Early Computer Music, and Countercultural Critique in the Work of Herbert Brun"

Speaker: Jonas Williams, "Extra-Intentional Development: Photography, Variety, and Memory Intervention"

Speaker: Joy James and Glen Lowry, "Working to Code: Forensic Affect, Post-Identity Politics, and the Work of Larissa Lai & Rebecca Belmore"

06.c Against Embodiment (or, Embodiment and its Discontents) I

Chair: Bernard Geoghegan

Speaker: Bernard Michael Dionysius Geoghegan, "Against Embodiment: Gesture, Technics and Embodied Conversational Agents"

Speaker: Amanda Taylor, "(Re)Configuring Ourselves and Others: Subjectivity, Information, and Embodiment in Matt Groening's Futurama"

Speaker: Anna Munster, "Embodiment Reconsidered: A re-embodied virtual presentation"

Respondent: Mark Hansen

06.d Health codes

Chair: Elizabeth Mazzolini

Speaker: Jenell Johnson, "From Housewives to Zombies: Representations of Lobotomy in the Popular Press, 1936-1956"

Speaker: Lisa Hermsen, "Cogs, Codes, and Neuroethics"

Speaker: Elizabeth Mazzolini, "Hidden codes: prion diseases and unknown transmissions"

06.e Code as Argument

Chair: Ian Bogost

Speaker: Nick Montfort & Michael Mateas, "Hammurabi's Code" » Hammurabi, from Ahl's Basic Computer Games
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Speaker: Ian Bogost, "Procedural Rhetoric: Code as Argument"

Speaker: Mark Marino, "Encoding Terrorism: Applying Critical Code Studies to Command and Control Code" » Critical Code Studies blog
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06.f Scifi �

Chair: Michael Klein

Speaker: Laura Wiebe Taylor, "Killing Technology and Cyborgs with Souls: The Threat and Promise of Technoscience in the Science Fiction Metal of Voivod and Fear Factory"

Speaker: Michael Klein, "Deciphering the Code: Science Fiction Literature and the Human Cloning Debate"

Speaker: Michael Simeone, "The Mind On Screen: Gadgets, Posthumanism, Video Codes in Adaptations of Philip K. Dick's Short Fiction"

06.g De/coding Women in Medical, Legal, and Labor Narratives, 1840-1914

Chair: Matthew Anderson

Speaker: Elizabeth A. De Wolfe, "'Fear is a Folly which Departs with One's Virtue': Bodies as Code in Fitzallen's Maine Factory Girl Fiction"

Speaker: Cathrine O. Frank, "'Let the Experiment Be Made on the Vile Body': Tattoos, Women, and Victorian Legal Code"

Speaker: Jennifer S. Tuttle, "Recoding the Chinese Body: Health, Illness, and Race in the Work of Sui Sin Far"

06.h Robots & Zombies

Chair: Nick Knouf

Speaker: Eleanor Sandry, "Machine codes in conversations with embodied emotional robots"

Speaker: Nick Knouf, "The vocal that is non-speech: externalizing the unspeakable through interactions with a robotic creature"

Speaker: Jentery Sayers, "You're Code! You Really Are Code! Or, Zombies, Control, and the Digital Body"


Reception | 5pm � 6pm


Plenary I: N. Katherine Hayles | 6pm � 7.15

"Intermediation: A Theoretical Framework for Code and Electronic Literature"


Day Three: Saturday, 3 November, 2007


Session 07 | Saturday, 3 November | 8.30 � 10am


07.a Mathematics and the Fourth Dimension in Modern Art and Literature

Chair: Linda Dalrymple Henderson

Speaker: Kirsten Hoving, "Decoding the Dimensions of Space and Time in Joseph Cornell's Late Collages"

Speaker: Linda Dalrymple Henderson, "The Spatial 'Fourth Dimension' versus Space-Time at Mid-Century: Stuart Davis, Marcel Duchamp, and Robert Smithson"

07.b Tech Changes Bodies I

Chair: M. A. Greenstein

Speaker: M. A. Greenstein, "The Future Body"

Speaker: Adam Frank, "Strange Intimations: Gertrude Stein and the Invention of Television"

Speaker: Paul Lai, "One, Two: Conjoined Twins, the Self, and Medical Technology"

07.c Computer, Language, Thought

Chair: Amit Ray

Speaker: Zach Blas, "TransCoder: Queer Programming Anti-Language"

Speaker: Daniel Howe and Bill Seaman, "Coding Creativity: Generative Models of Associative Thought in the 'Bisociation Engine' and 'Architecture of Association'"

Speaker: Amit Ray, "Universal Coding?: Wikipedia, Free Software and Encyclopedic Babel"

07.d Gaia@2007 I: Theoretics

Chair: Bruce Clarke

Speaker: Bruce Clarke, "Margulis's Gaia: The Autopoietic Planet"

Speaker: Steve Norwick, "Gaian Science: Achievements and Challenges from the Geological Modeling Perspective"

Speaker: Eileen Crist, "Earth Systems Theorizing and Anthropogenic Climate Change: A Critique of the Apocalyptic Paradigm"

Respondent: Lynn Margulis

07.e Classics Decoded

Chair: Steve Mentz

Speaker: Jason Buchanan, "Roguewords, Monkwords, and Useless Words: James Joyce's Linguistic Coding of Death"

Speaker: Steve Mentz, "Compass as Code in The Faerie Queene"

Speaker: T. Anne Metivier, "I Can't Believe It's Not Hamlet! Artificial Intelligence as Substitute for the 'Real' Thing"

07.f Coded Modernism

Chair: Sam Schwartz

Speaker: Sam Schwartz, "The Martial Codes of Modernist Avant Gardism"

Speaker: Marta Stone, "Praxis Recoded: The Vorticist response to Futurism"

Speaker: Anne Brubaker, "Fear and Loathing in Mathematization: Math Anxiety in Modernist Fiction and Drama"


07.g The Ontology of Code

Chair: Patricia Ticineto Clough

Speaker: Greg Goldberg, "Analog/Digital: measure, information, and surplus-value"

Speaker: Jamie "Skye" Bianco, "'Skins' and Code: the Subtension of ARG's and Viral Marketing"

Speaker: Craig Willse, "Psychiatry and its code of ethics, or bioethics as code"

07.h SLSA Creative Writers Read, Session I

Presider: Sue Hagedorn

Speaker: Wayne Miller, reading from The Bog Monster of Booker Creek » Recording (MP3 format)
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Speaker: Sue Hagedorn & Cheryl Ruggiero, work in progress set in the Catalyst Trilogy universe

Speaker: Janine DeBaise, "Dripping with Marsh Mud"

Speaker: Amy Charles, "Thirty White Horses"

07.i Technical Life

Chair: Mark Hansen

Speaker: Eugene Thacker, "Pathological Immanence"

Speaker: Mark Hansen, "Living Movement"

Speaker: John Protevi, "Developmental Systems Theory: Embodied and Embedded Biology"



Session 08 | Saturday, 3 November | 10.30 � 12 noon


08.a Animals and Ethics

Chair: David Dillard-Wright

Speaker: Annie Potts, "Totem Transformations in Animal Tragic"

Speaker: Cary Wolfe, "(Un)Thinking Animals"

Speaker: Jonathan Burt & Jennifer Boyd, "Vivisection and cross-species codes of conduct"

08.b Cartoon Images

Chair: Phillip Thurtle

Speaker: Ellen Grabiner, "Wild About the Box: The Disruptions of Zippy the Pinhead"

Speaker: N.C. Christopher Couch, "The Geometry of Emotion: Doorways in Will Eisner's Comics"

Speaker: Claudia X. Valdes & Phillip Thurtle, "From Spiderman to Alba: Transgenics in a Post-Nuclear World"

08.c Biopolitics and Code

Chair: Thomas Lamarre

Speaker: Patricia Ticineto Clough, "Rethinking Autopoeisis: 'Languaging' and Coding"

Speaker: Sha Xin Wei, "Morphogenesis and Biopolitics"

Speaker: Thomas Lamarre, "The Ontology of Code"

Discussant: Brian Massumi


08.d Reconfiguring Subjectivity

Chair: Mark Bartlett

Speaker: Lisa Swanstrom, "Self versus Cell.f: Coding Identity and Mourning Subjectivity in Talan Memmott's Lexia to Perplexia"

Speaker: Jason Embry, "The Defeat of Cohesion in Snow Crash"

Speaker: Mark Bartlett, "From Fantasy to Imagination: Trans-Coding Lacan's equation: $>a"

08.e Secret Decoder Ring: Using Science Fiction Studies to Interpret the New Technocultural Millennium

Chair: Lisa Yaszek

Speaker: Doug Davis, "SF Narratives of Mass Destruction and the Politics of National Security"

Speaker: Patrick Sharp, "Saving Private Jessica: Gender, Technology, and the Military Damsel in Distress"

Speaker: Lisa Yaszek, "Afrofuturism versus the Futures Industry"

08.f Utopian Visual Culture: Recoding Science, Society, and Self in Electronic Media

Chair: Chris Van Acker

Speaker: Chris Van Acker, "Changing The Face of Television: Subversive Sex and Gender Identity Politics in Nip/Tuck"

Speaker: Jason Ellis, "Subversion of the Self in the Battlestar Galactica Re-Imaging" » Online materials available | » File available
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Speaker: Andrew Pilsch, " Piracy and Fredric Jameson Online" » Online materials available
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08.g SLSA Creative Writers Read, Session II

Presider: Sue Hagedorn

Speaker: Victoria N. Alexander, "The Narrative: A Message Without a Sender" » Online materials available
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Speaker: Steven J. Oscherwitz, "Heidegger and Husserl at a Contemporary Art/Technoscience Interface: A Painter's Interpretation" » Reading recording (mp3 format) | » Images from presentation
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Speaker: Joseph Duemer, "A Poetic Encounter of Science and Arts"


Business Lunch | 12 noon � 1.30


Session 09 | Saturday, 3 November | 1.30 � 3pm


09.a Beasts of Nature

Chair: April Kiser

Speaker: Philip Armstrong, "Feral animals as code-breakers"

Speaker: Lawrence Mastroni, "Western Adaptation and Domestication of Dogs: Signposts of Cultural Superiority in American Periodical Literature, 1850-1900"

Speaker: April Kiser, "'Describing the true and lively figure of every beast:' The Usefulness of images in Edward Topsell's Historie of Foure-Footed Beastes"

09.b MECA

09.c Roundtable on Allegra Goodman's Intuition

Chair: Carol Colatrella

Speaker: Celeste Goodridge

Speaker: Jay Labinger

Speaker: Mary Frank Fox

Speaker: Mita Choudhury

09.e Language and Linguistics

Chair: Nanette Veilleux

Speaker: Nanette Veilleux, "Prosody in Spoken Language: Full codebook not included"

Speaker: Nancy Barta-Smith, "Through the Lens of Transcoding: Linda Hutcheon's A Theory of Adaptation and Wendell Berry's Jayber Crow"

Speaker: Raymond Miller, "Do as I Say, and Write as You Speak: Alphabet as Nationalist Code in Early 19th-Century Austria"

09.f Values of Order in Nature

Chair: Anthony Lioi

Speaker: Anthony Lioi, "Stupid Ontology Tricks, or, The Code Of Unknowing"

Speaker: Mike Clody, "The Code of Nature: Secret and Translation in Bacon"


09.g Undergraduate Roundtable II

Chair: Susan McHugh

Speaker: Ty Gowen

Speaker: Michael Ardolino

Speaker: Tahira Khalid

Speaker: Philip Woram, "Lessons from Complex Systems on the Edge of Chaos"

Speaker: Daniel Herrick

Speaker: Gwendolyn Tatro


Session 10 | Saturday, 3 November | 3.30 � 5pm


10.a Animals in (Techno)culture

Chair: Sherryl Vint

Speaker: Sherryl Vint, "Recoding Human and Animal: Weird Animal Stories in Fast, Cheap and Out of Control"

Speaker: Jeff Karnicky, "'Included in this classification': Encoding American Birds"

Speaker: Jim Ramey, "Parasitic Codes and the Human Phenotype"

10.b The Power of the Image

Chair: Kevin Chua

Speaker: Rolando P�rez, "Severo Sarduy on Kepler, Borromini, and the Anamorphic Image"

Speaker: Kevin Chua, "Gros and the Napoleonic Code of War"

Speaker: Elizabeth A. Kessler, "Codes of Realism in Contemporary Art and Science"

10.c Climate, Cold, and Melancholy

Chair: Robert Markley

Speaker: Alvin Snider, "Hard Frost, 1684"

Speaker: Robert Markley, "'Casualties and Disasters': Defoe and the Interpretation of Climactic Instability"

Speaker: Eric Gidal, "Climate and Melancholy in Early Social Theory"

10.d Formalisms of Code

Chair: Braxton Soderman

Speaker: David Parry, "Comments: Managing the Ambiguity of Code"

Speaker: Trey Conner, "The Protos Chronos and the Figure of Compression: Code and Coda" » Wiki pages (contact author for edit password)
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Speaker: Braxton Soderman, "The Programming of Language: Code, Execution, Motivation"

Speaker: Christian Ulrik Andersen, "The Live Coding of Slub=art oriented programming as media critique" » personal webpage | » File available
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10.e Microethics and Nanoculture: Media of the Tiny

Chair: Peter Schwenger

Speaker: Michael G Bennett, "Studying Societal Implications through Nanofiction"

Speaker: Peter Schwenger, "The Micro-Sublime"

10.f Code Dynamics: Reading Movement, Watching Text: Ten Years of E-Poetry Co-Authored by Stephanie Strickland

Chair: Sandy Baldwin

Speaker: Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, "Strickland's Quantum Poetics" » Online materials available
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Speaker: Stephanie Strickland & Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, "Presentation of slippingglimpse, a new Flash work by Stephanie Strickland and Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, with video by Paul Ryan"

10.g Babel Reversed: Universal Languages, Visible Knowledge and the Book of Nature in the Early Modern Anglosphere

Chair: Sarah Rivett

Speaker: Rhodri Lewis, "'To Deliver the Natures of Things': Aristotle, Artificial Languages and the Image of the World in seventeenth-century England"

Speaker: Sarah Rivett, "Christian Translations: Indian Grammar and the Quest for a Universal Language in the British Atlantic World"

Speaker: James J. Bono, "Paradise Regained: Technologies of the Literal, the Book of Nature, and the 17th Century Poetics of Repairing the Fall and Babel"

010.h Code Play

Chair: Dene Grigar

Speaker: J. James Bono, "Cheat Codes: The Limits of Close Reading in Digital Games Analysis"

Speaker: Dene Grigar, "Mindful Games: Play Environments, Cognition, and Embodiment"

Speaker: Gregory Garvey, "The Half-Real Borders of the Info Cloud"

10.i Science v Philosophy

Chair: Kim Evans

Speaker: Isabella Winkler, "The Undecidability Principle"

Speaker: Kim Evans, "A Machine For Becoming Decent: Wittgenstein's Philosophy-as-Algorithm"

Speaker: Paul Sukys, "The Metanarrative Reborn: The Unification of Enlightenment and Postmodern Ideas"


Reception | 5.15 � 6.15


Plenary II: Brian Massumi | 6.15 � 7.30

"Signs of Danger: The Political Ontology of Threat"


Day Four: Sunday, 4 November, 2007


Session 11 | Sunday, 4 November | 8.30 � 10am


11.a Problems of New Media Art

Chair: Katherine Behar

Speaker: Kimberly Knight, "Outlaw Code: The Viral in Koji Suzuki's Ring Trilogy"

Speaker: Katherine Behar, "R/W/X: (read/write/execute): Materiality of Code and Questions of Representation in New Media Art" » personal website
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11.b Against Embodiment (or, Embodiment and its Discontents) II

Chair: Bernard Geoghegan

Speaker: Michael Tondre, "George Eliot's 'Fine Excess': The Physics of Feeling in Middlemarch"

Speaker: Jennifer Jackson, "Code Blue: Anxious Embodiment in Michel Houllebecq's The Possibility of an Island"

Speaker: Jakub Zdebik, "A Material Theory of Incarnation: The Surface Aesthetics of Francis Bacon and Marcel Proust"

11.c Sensation and Technology

Chair: Mara Mills

Speaker: Susanne Ramsenthaler, "Mind the Gap: On Distance and Representation"

Speaker: Mara Mills, "The Artificial Larynx and the Vocoder, or, Disability and Being-Digital"

11.d Code, Connotation, Community

Chair: Jeremy Kessler

Speaker: Elizabeth Wilson, "Artificial minds and the machinery of affectivity: The case of Walter Pitts"

Speaker: Jeremy Kessler, "A Telescope, Not a Spade: The Cambridge Language Research Unit, Machine Translation, and the Language of Science"

Speaker: Iain Matheson, "Ontologised Cryptanalysis And Praxical Ethics"

11.e Code/X

Convener: Daniel Rosenberg

Chair: Jonathan Sheehan

Speaker: Daniel Rosenberg, "The Right Eye of History"

Speaker: Daniel Selcer, "Encoded Matter and the Ontology of the Page in Bayle's Dictionnaire"

Speaker: Michael Witmore, "Chance and Complexity in the Early Modern Book"

11.f Code Poetics

Chair: Karen Leona Anderson

Speaker: Karen Leona Anderson, "Moore's Type Species and Zoological Codes"

Speaker: Sally Keith, "Inger Christensen's IT"

Speaker: Bin Ramke, "Poetry as The Unknowable"

Speaker: Jasper Bernes, "Micropoetics"

11.h Behind the Genetic Code

Chair: Herv�-Pierre Lambert

Speaker: Herv�-Pierre Lambert, "Jeremy Narby, 'hypothesis' on a link between the genetic code and shamanic knowledge : a contribution to the contemporary imaginary about the genetic code"

Speaker: Laura Balladur, "A Secret Code: Charles Bonnet and Eighteenth Century Proto-Biology"

Speaker: David Bering-Porter, "The Recessive Trait: Mendelian Secrets and the Dangerous Cipher of Life"


Session 12 | Sunday, 4 November | 10.30 � 12 noon


12.a Arts Use Biomatter

Chair: Adam Zaretsky

Speaker: Seth Ellis, "The Alchemical Body: Descriptions of the Body as the Body"

Speaker: Stephanie L. Taylor, "Max Ernst's Painted 'Microbes': The Desert in a Grain of Sand"

Speaker: Adam Zaretsky, "The Mutagenic Arts" » ON THE MUTAGENIC ARTS
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12.b Visual Reframings of the Genetic Code

Chair: Miriam van Rijsingen

Speaker: Anne Kienhuis, "Imagining Genomics, Introducing Visuality in the Genomics Debate"

Speaker: Ellen ter Gast, "Presenting the Monsters of Biotechnology, on the Morality of Bioart"

Speaker: Danielle Hofmans, "Breeding Life into Art/ Breathing Art into Life"

Speaker: Miriam van Rijsingen, "Code, Code on the Wall...a spatial Reframing" » Conference paper and slides

12.c Politics of Bios

Chair: Brian Duff

Speaker: Karen Weingarten, "Margaret Sanger's The Birth Control Review and the Codes of Racialized Reproduction"

Speaker: Brian Duff, "Family Talk in American Politics"

12.d Gaia@2007 II: Aesthetics

Chair: Bruce Clarke

Speaker: Steve Norwick, "The Rhetorical Effects of Holistic Nature Metaphors in Lovelock's Gaia Discourse"

Speaker: Nathan Currier, "A New Science for a New Aesthetics"


12.e Science Writing and Writing Science

Chair: Karl Zuelke

Speaker: Allison Dushane, "Bioliterary Code: The Human Condition and Faustian Narrative in Atwood's Oryx and Crake"

Speaker: Karl Zuelke, "Translating Science: Epideictic Celebration in Quammen, Weiner and Angier"

12.g Making Poems from Parts

Chair: Mary Newell

Speaker: Sharon Lattig, "Poetic [de]Coding: Deictic Emergence in the Neuroscience of Perception"

Speaker: Jonathan Skinner, "Animal Machines: (Eco)Poetics for an Age of Extinctions"

Speaker: Mary Newell, "Germinal Code, Autopoiesis, and Contemporary Poetics"

12.h Historic Technologies for the Body/Self

Chair: Aaron Worth

Speaker: Jenni Lieberman, "Decoding and Regulating the Body Electric: Bioelectricity in Nineteenth-Century America"

Speaker: Jennifer Thorn, "Mesmerism, credulity, and Wollstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Woman"

Speaker: Aaron Worth, "Hieroglyphic Worlds: Social and Technological Codes in Edith Wharton"


Wrap-Up Session | 12 noon � 1pm